Obligation Meeters

Obligation Meeters

Obligation Meeters have their travel choices restricted by the need to meet some bounded objective. Their behaviours are shaped by their need to be in a certain place, at a certain time, without fail.

As the name indicates it, this tribe’s traveling habits revolve around time-bound, ‘hard’ objectives which have an impact on how tribe members behave. A ‘corporate traveller’ is what some may describe this group as.

But whether to meet a client, attend a seminar, have surgery, shop at a particular store or celebrate a family event, Obligation Meeters have objectives which place important limitations on how they travel.

In order to be as efficient as possible, this travel group will want technology to smooth the travel process and ensure the objective of their trip is met. In the coming years, the growth of flexible working arrangements in many ways will dislodge the office from the centre of the working lives of millions and prompt a boom in international commuting and roaming work, blurring the line between discretionary and essential.

Focus on experience over destination is a powerful growth driver for this travel group, as travellers want to achieve their goals in the most efficient and no-hassle approach. But this travel-mentality doesn’t necessarily mean that the word ‘obligation’ here is meant in a pejorative way.

This tribe chooses to meet these obligations because of the reward they get from them.

Obligation Meeters - Purchasing behaviour at a glance

From a travel industry perspective, there will be value in looking beyond each tribe's definition in order to understand what motivates these different travellers when it comes to making a purchase. When is the best time to reach out to them with a personalised offer? How much contact do these traveller profiles expect or want, and which device is the best way to reach them?

Analysing the purchasing behaviour of each tribe will allow airlines and other travel providers to more effectively meet their needs.

The table below gives an overview of how this can be done. For more detail, please see the full report.

Obligation Meeters - Purchasing behaviour at a glance


Obligation meeters in the luxury travel era

Obligation Meeters have their luxury travel options restricted by the need to meet an objective – but once it is fulfilled, their behaviour changes and they transform into leisure travellers looking to indulge. They need to be in a certain place at a certain time, so any added-on luxury travel would need to follow on conveniently from this – for example, after three days of meetings in San Francisco, they may want to travel to a lodge for wine tastings in nearby Sonoma Valley.

Obligation Meeters can be further segmented into a Luxury Traveller Tribe – see our report Shaping the Future of Luxury Travel to find out more.