Ethical Travellers

Ethical Travelers

Ethical Travellers allow their conscience to be their guide when organising and undertaking their travel. They may make concessions to environmental concerns or let their political ideals shape their choices.

The main goal for Ethical Travellers is to bring individual impacts on the world, whether political or environmental, as close to neutral as possible. Ultimately this travel group will become the ‘responsible travel’ group.  
Ethical Travellers will change their behaviours in order to make some kind of concession to their conscience.
With climate changes lurking around every corner and increasing each year, this tribe may worry about its carbon footprint, taking the attitude that if they cannot offset they may not set off. They will look to make low-scale alterations to their behaviours, cutting down on luxuries all the while leaving unchanged core habits and patterns. ‘Sustainable travels’ is this tribe’s motto.
Very few will make an ethical objective the exclusive goal of their travel, but many will look to build or improvise some element of volunteering, community development or eco-sustainable activity into their holidays.
This being said, the ethical principles amongst this type of traveller are not only environmental and they may also avoid flashpoints of geopolitical conflict or countries governed by disagreeable regimes.
This tribe will differ in important respects from that of the past. Even though their goals may vary, they will understand that tourism boosts economies and will plan their travels with an investor or altruist’s attention to the impact of their money.

Ethical Travellers - Purchasing behaviour at a glance

From a travel industry perspective, there will be value in looking beyond each tribe's definition in order to understand what motivates these different travellers when it comes to making a purchase. When is the best time to reach out to them with a personalised offer? How much contact do these traveller profiles expect or want, and which device is the best way to reach them?

Analysing the purchasing behaviour of each tribe will allow airlines and other travel providers to more effectively meet their needs.

The table below gives an overview of how this can be done. For more detail, please see the full report.

Ethical Travellers - Purchasing behaviour at a glance