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Global extranets

  • Amadeus e-Support Centre

    Amadeus e-Support Centre

    Amadeus e-Support Centre is an online web portal and knowledge base providing 24/7 access to a wide range of learning and support information and tools.

  • Airline Extranet

    Airline Extranet

    Available exclusively to our airline customers. Here airlines have access to comprehensive, customised and useful information securely stored in one place and available 24/7/365.

  • Hotels Extranet

    Hotels Extranet

    A secure, online hub for you to access confidential documents, keep-up to-date with our product developments, and reference training and marketing collateral that will assist you with your daily operations.

  • Cars Online Toolbox

    Cars Online Toolbox

    Amadeus Cars Online Toolbox, the extranet for car rental providers!

  • Amadeus Partner Network

    Amadeus Partner Network

    Are you a solution provider interested in joining Amadeus Partner Network? For more information, check our partner pages and fill-in the Amadeus Partner Network application form.

  • Amadeus Web Services Portal

    Amadeus Web Services Portal

    A secured and dedicated access to the web services catalogue, releases, technical download & tools.

Local extranets

  • Amadeus France

    Amadeus Espace Pro

    Amadeus Espace Pro - Mieux utiliser Amadeus, se former, conseiller, retrouvez toutes ces informations sur votre portail Amadeus Espace Pro.

  • Amadeus Germany

    Amadeus North America

    Nur mit einem Login gelangen Sie in den exklusiven Kundenbereich.

  • Amadeus Italy

    Amadeus North America

    e-Support Centre Italia - Formazione e supporto quando necessario

  • Amadeus North America

    Amadeus North America

    Amadeus Direct - customer extranet - Stay informed, get support, manage your business, and get social!

  • Amadeus Spain

    Extranet de Amadeus España

    La Extranet de Amadeus España es una plataforma pensada para ti, para que puedas disponer de toda la información de tu agencia relacionada con Amadeus en una sola web.