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Welcome to Managed travel 3.0!

Welcome to Managed travel 3.0!

Managed travel is evolving – fast!

If technology is a creator of experience, then managed travel is most definitely an instrument of change. The Internet more than anything else has changed the face of managed travel and with it the expectations of the new connected and expectant business traveller. Managed travel has become more complex, yet more simple, and as a result business travellers want more!

Good flight. Great night. Sleep tight.
Smart business processes.

As travellers, we enjoy the choice, freedom and personalised experience of leisure travel. And todays business traveller expects something similar from their business travel programmes… choice, flexibility and a higher quality total trip experience; be that from searching and booking to real time information and experience ‘on the road’, right through to post trip reporting.

Corporations play a key role in giving their business travellers the speed, transparency and convenience of self-booking while still needing to ensure that travel is policy compliant, travellers are kept safe and that budgets are respected. At the same time corporate travellers want to feel in control, expecting to be able to manage their travel across multiple devices, - from desktop PCs, phablets, mobiles to new generation wearable technologies like smart watches towards the ultimate smart business travel process.

I pick. You mix. We bring it all together.

Thanks to technology and a fully connected travel eco system, we can join the dots. We can collectively deliver our corporate customers an efficient and cost effective ‘end to end’ experience for the the always connected corporate citizen.

By choosing the right technology partner, you can bring simplexity to this ever more complex world of Managed travel.

Look again! It’s Managed travel by Amadeus.