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Offer your customers a mobile boarding pass right from Google

Airlines can now offer their customers a new option to display their mobile boarding pass on their smartphone...


Booking and pre-travel phases key to boosting airline ancillary revenues

Leveraging the Amadeus Global Travel Ecosystem to enable precise merchandising and retailing while delivering...


Amadeus takes home hardware at AGIFORS 54th Annual Symposium in Dubai

The AGIFORS 54th Annual Symposium, hosted by Emirates in Dubai, showcased the latest innovations in airline...


Further expansion of LCC market share will be important trend in next decade

LCCs are outgrowing general traffic in every continent of the world. Europe remains the most active market...


Day two of IATA’s WPS focuses on personalised travel

Day two of IATA’s World Passenger Symposium in San Diego brought a more detailed examination of the plans...


Collaboration and passenger experience dominate day one of IATA’s WPS in San Diego

Two key ideas dominated much of the discussion and debate on day one of IATA’s World Passenger Symposium...


Ryanair content is now live in the Amadeus system

After over a decade hiatus – Ryanair content is now available to travel agents via Amadeus. As the airline...


Bringing collaboration to the global travel ecosystem

Amadeus yesterday outlined plans for the delivery of the technology components it believes must be put in place...


Unlocking $130 billion in revenues for airlines by 2020

The merchandising of content could be worth an additional $130bn in revenues for airlines by 2020, Amadeus...


A look at the evolution of airline merchandising

When IATA brings together its member airlines, technology providers, travel agents and others at its annual...


Thinking like a retailer: Would you play golf with only one club?

To get around a golf course, players need to use a set of different clubs – drivers for the long shot...


Amadeus flies Ryanair

It’s been over a decade since Ryanair’s low fares were available to travel agents via Amadeus. Now we’re...