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The ancillary effect: an evolution in the online travel supplier chain

After several years and significant investment, 2014 will finally see a further boost in the adoption...


Merchandising from a different perspective – Win-win-wins

Despite an overall improvement in the global economy, airlines' profitability remains under pressure....


Timing of airline merchandising offers key element of customer journey

Timing is crucial for airlines when it comes to offering ancillary services. The time during the customer...


In case you missed them – our travel industry research from the first half of 2014

Travel industry research is paramount in our drive to shape the future of travel. Knowing what’s coming...


Southwest Airlines’ international flying takes off, powered by Amadeus Altéa technology

We are extremely pleased that our next generation technology has enabled Southwest Airlines to achieve...


Sustainability for airlines starts with weight and balance

It’s not something most of us think about after we buckle our seatbelts and await take-off – but for airlines...


Airline merchandising study reveals opportunities and strategies for travel industry

The introduction of new merchandising techniques is fuelling a revolution in how travel is purchased....


Celebrating a century of commercial aviation at the IATA AGM

Doha's Hamad International Airport is so new that when delegates arriving for IATA's 70th AGM arrived...


Germanwings to include all published fares in Amadeus

We’re proud to be one of Europe’s most successful and innovative low-cost carriers, having been one of the first...


Swiss International Air Lines to adopt Amadeus Altéa Suite

Amadeus has added Swiss International Air Lines to a growing roster of airlines to adopt the core modules...


Amadeus welcomes DoT ruling on Resolution 787

The tentative approval offered today by the Department of Transportation for IATA’s Resolution 787 is a tentative...


Serving travellers better by connecting airports and airlines

We’re helping airlines and airports work closer together so they can open up a world of opportunities...