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What’s an efficient airline revenue accounting system worth?

Airlines already face numerous challenges, such as sustainability and low profitability. Revenue accounting,...


UATP Airline Distribution event explores evolving world of travel payments

Industry leaders gathered in Athens, Greece for an airline distribution event, hosted by UATP, the private...


Airline disruption management solution featured at ITB Berlin

Thousands of travel industry players gathered for ITB Berlin 2015 and I had the opportunity to talk about...


Loyalty 2015 conference highlights customer centric strategies for airlines

The 7th annual Loyalty 2015 conference in Istanbul brought together key players from the airline industry...


Lufthansa first airline to use new personalisation technology for corporate customers

We've all been there – running late to the airport, nervous about that big client meeting scheduled...


Personalisation is the key to traveller loyalty

The first airline Frequent Flyer Programme (FFP), contrary to popular belief, was introduced by United...


Amadeus and i:FAO sign access to Southwest Airlines’ corporate travel content

Southwest Airlines offers travellers access to more than 90 destinations throughout the US, Mexico and the Caribbean,...


New generation of Latin Americans set to experience personalized travel

Ancillary services are changing the way people buy airline tickets and the personalization of these services...


Azul Airlines goes international with Amadeus Altéa technology 

When Azul Airlines, a leading Brazilian carrier, announced their intention to start international flights...


Thinking like a retailer: Using personalisation to drive sales for airlines

Airlines are now capable of collecting and analysing more and more traveller data including mobile app and social...


Migrating an airline passenger service system – a decision not to be taken lightly

Migrating to a new passenger service system is a major decision for any airline to take, given the significant...


Five guiding principles our airline teams follow during passenger service systems migrations

With so much at stake for airlines when taking the leap to implement a new passenger service system,...