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Shaping the future of air travel with the Altea Community

A strong community is vital to our lives on a personal level. We gain strength from our communities through...


Business models of LCCs and traditional carriers have converged, but remain distinctive

There has been a significant convergence of business models in the airline sector in the past 5-10 years...


Aigle Azur chooses Amadeus to shape the future of its revenue accounting

Aigle Azur, the French airline founded in 1946 and carrying around 2 million passengers per year, has signed...


When did you first fly by yourself?

My parents insist that I was 3 years old, I’m not sure if this can be true as today most airlines...


When paying a king’s ransom seems like the best choice

The bride looked beautiful, as all brides do, and the groom handsome and cultured in his bow tie. Everyone...


Japan Airlines joins the Altéa community as part of its IT modernisation plan

Japan Airlines (JAL), one of the leading Asia-Pacific carriers, will migrate to the full Amadeus Altéa...


The ancillary effect: an evolution in the online travel supplier chain

After several years and significant investment, 2014 will finally see a further boost in the adoption...


Merchandising from a different perspective – Win-win-wins

Despite an overall improvement in the global economy, airlines' profitability remains under pressure....


Timing of airline merchandising offers key element of customer journey

Timing is crucial for airlines when it comes to offering ancillary services. The time during the customer...


In case you missed them – our travel industry research from the first half of 2014

Travel industry research is paramount in our drive to shape the future of travel. Knowing what’s coming...


Southwest Airlines’ international flying takes off, powered by Amadeus Altéa technology

We are extremely pleased that our next generation technology has enabled Southwest Airlines to achieve...


Sustainability for airlines starts with weight and balance

It’s not something most of us think about after we buckle our seatbelts and await take-off – but for airlines...