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Over 73 per
cent of the world's
population which equates
to five billion people - carry a mobile device of some form. And so essentially, airlines need to work out how to effectively monetise the mobile channel. Airlines across the world currently have an incredibly unique opportunity to use mobile technology; not only for product differentiation but also to allow incremental sales and encourage increased brand loyalty. But crucially, they must also keep pace with ever-changing passenger expectations.

Norm Rose,
Travel Tech Consulting, Inc

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The always-connected traveller

A new industry report, The always-connected traveller: How mobile will transform the future of air travel, identifies changing traveller attitudes to airline mobile services whilst also highlighting the specific, emerging mobile technologies that will revolutionise each stage of the travel experience in the future. These travel trends will impact the way travellers interact with the airline industry, as well as travel and tourism generally.

Developed by Norm Rose of Travel Tech Consulting Inc, the studythe study includes an assessment of airlines technology and mobile capabilities today, the emerging mobile technology innovations that are likely to be launched over the next one to two years, and also the advanced functionality that is set to entirely change the traveller journey as we know it, over the next three to five years.

The always-connected traveller

The exclusive infographic focuses on mobile's impact across the travel life cycle on a variety of devices and examines how mobile technology is used now and how it will evolve in the future.

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Key findings of the report:

  • Travellers are beginning to expect and adopt mobile services including travel apps across their entire journey: from improving the airport experience to checking in for their flight
  • Asian and North American carriers have the greatest mobile functionality today
  • Airline capability to effectively sell ancillary services through the mobile channel is over a year away
  • Implementing location-based services, payments and push notifications are priorities for airlines

As business travel trends show increasing mobile reliance, the future of mobile technology in the airline industry is not only in travel apps but in the ability to track luggage, book ancillary services or just check-in. Both the global airline industry and the travel and tourism industry have a unique opportunity to learn from this report and bring the future of travel into the present.

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