Altéa Inventory

Altéa Inventory Improve your network's competitive positioning through speed and automation

Product overview

Amadeus Altéa Inventory strengthens your airline's competitive positioning through speed and automation. This airline inventory management solution helps you implement the latest revenue and schedule management technology, using advanced availability management techniques, dynamic customer identification and sophisticated airline policy controls.

Altéa Inventory offers your airline significant enhancements in 'speed to market' through automating the management of flight schedules, codeshare, re-accommodation and seating. Its unique customer value process also helps you to better cater to your high-value customers.

Key benefits

  • Increase efficiency: Help your management agents and flight controllers increase efficiency in scheduling, seating and re-accommodation by reducing processing time by up to 30%.

  • Increase revenue: Maximise the yield of your entire network and increase revenue by up to 6% using the latest revenue management techniques.

  • Increase customer satisfaction: Enhance your customer service with Altéa Inventory's unique capability to differentiate your high-value customers.

  • Gain competitive edge: Respond instantly to competitors' actions by changing business policies dynamically (seating, schedules, codeshare) using market-based business rules.

  • Integrate with other Altéa solutions: Take advantage of perfect integration with Altéa Reservation and Altéa Departure Control.

Main features

  • Schedule management: Fully-automated and customisable features using market pair logic to handle all aspects of scheduling - from schedule reception for single schedules to processing major schedule changes and full schedule publication.

  • Inventory control: Key functionalities such as Revenue Availability (Origin & Destination) to control airline inventory and calculate availability by revenue bid price and market based yields, point of sale control down to IATA agency ID, real-time interaction with revenue management and departure control systems, automated availability publication rules and prioritisation of users' daily workload.

  • Seating management: Single graphical seat map used across reservation and departure control. Automated seating rules using customer value with changes instantly published in all channels.

  • Waitlist management: Easily configure your customer waitlist access rules and benefit from automated waitlist clearance based on customer value.

  • Re-accommodation: Fully-automated and guided re-accommodation modes based on full itinerary and customer value, using automated flight selection (including partner flights) to find the best alternatives.

Screenshots and demo

Altéa Inventory is accessed via a graphical user interface, which is designed around airline workflows to increase efficiency and facilitate users' proficiency, as shown in the examples below.

Seat map interface

Fully graphical seat map, including drag-and-drop design features, to facilitate rapid implementation of new aircraft configurations and product enhancements

Schedule management interface

Easy access to schedule period variations and detailed schedule data, including meal codes, code share and configuration, etc

Inventory Control Interface

Designed to make it easy to view and understand the impact of the availability controls sent by your RMS

Customer quote

This successful migration is a strategic step towards the transformation of our IT systems and the achievement of Air France-KLM synergies. Thanks to the flexibility of Altéa Inventory, the Air France-KLM group has been able to migrate to a platform supporting the combined advanced needs of two major airlines whilst leveraging both carriers’ best practices.

Bruno Matheu
eVP Marketing, Revenue-Management and Network
Air France-KLM