Altéa Reservation

Altéa Reservation Sell at the right place and time, to the right customer

Product overview

Altéa Reservation helps you to maximise bookings through external distribution channels with a wealth of both airline and non-airline content. Altéa stores passenger records and caters to your unique policies and needs, while also being community-based in order to leverage best practices of airlines worldwide.

Key benefits

  • Increase productivity: Reduce the time-to-ticket, thanks to contextual data, automated customer preference recognition and instant confirmation on special service requests.

  • Increase revenue: Promote your preferred offers with the carrier-preferred display and apply your distribution policy in real-time, virtually-suppressing irregular bookings. Also increase sales from all distribution channels, thanks to the extensive distribution connectivity and user interfaces offered by Altéa Reservation.

  • Increase customer satisfaction: Your customer's preferences are consistently applied across all channels and partners throughout the entire reservation process. In addition, interlining opportunities deliver a seamless experience for your customer.

  • Increase revenue from CRM: Secure access to customer data allows you to customise services that will match the value of your customer, thanks to real-time integration with your loyalty and CRM systems.

  • Increase efficiency: Altéa Reservation is based on a shared infrastructure and variable IT cost, which will help you to maximise efficiency through smarter peak management and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Main features

  • Enhanced travel record structure: Altéa relies on a unified record for each passenger/itinerary, improving data integrity among travel providers and travel consultants, enhancing customer service and simplifying customer management procedures.

  • Direct channel: Optional user interfaces are available for both offline distribution (ATO/CTOs and GSAs) as well as the online channel (the Amadeus e-Commerce suite, addressing individuals and corporations' needs). We also offer an extensive library of web services.

  • Indirect channel: With its unique community architecture, Altéa allows travel management companies using the Amadeus GDS and Altéa partner airlines to directly distribute your content. Distribution through other GDS and interline partners can be tailored to your needs and expectations (specific data, interactive links, frequent flyer interactive validation).

  • Booking Management: Amadeus Keywords allows you to flag records or trigger specific processes according to your preferences, and can be used alongside the extensive set of Altéa business rules. Amadeus Availability Management applies your point of sale-sensitive distribution policies automatically, while Automatic PNR Update pushes relevant data, including traveller's preferences in bookings, from all channels. Archived PNRs can be retrieved in real-time to facilitate claims management

  • Fares & pricing: Our up-to-date fare database is fed by industry-standard repositories and direct filing with Amadeus FareXpert. Best-in-class algorithms calculate pricing.

  • Ticketing: Electronic ticketing and electronic miscellaneous document (standalone and associated) capability, including rapid deployment of interlining.

  • Compliance with regulations: Altéa Reservation offers connectivity with IATA's Timatic service, the Australian Electronic Travel Authority (ETAS), the "push" and "pull" of data to/from local authorities when required, as well as an increasing number of country-specific programs like SecureFlight.

  • Partnerships and alliances: Altéa Reservation is currently the only system designed with partnerships in mind, due to its co-host architecture and extensive security system. In addition, Amadeus is the IT provider of choice for the three main airline alliances - the number one provider for both oneworld and Skyteam, and provider of the Star common IT platform for Star Alliance. Altéa is compliant with the IT joining requirements of the three alliances.

  • Feed: XML native feeds, in batch or real-time.

Screenshots and demo

Amadeus Reservation Desktop Web

Seat Map

Customer quote

Amadeus Altéa Reservation will boost our distribution and will allow us to speak the same language not only with most of our travel agents, but also with the great majority of our airline partners, including future alliance partners.

Aurelia Fulger
VP Marketing and Sales

KLM moved to Altéa Reservation overnight, migrating 1.2 million PNRs - and almost nobody noticed. Now, when a customer booked by Air France wants to change his flight at Schiphol airport, our KLM reservation agents can serve him seamlessly! For the Air France - KLM Group, using the state-of-the-art Amadeus reservation platform was critical to realising partner synergies and delivering seamless service for our customers.

Martijn van der Zee
VP Distribution and E-Commerce
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Consistent seamless service between KLM operated flights and partner airline flights is of critical importance to KLM. Altéa's single PNR code share capabilities ensure that we can deliver on our promise to customers that they will receive the same level of service on our codeshare flights.

Martijn van der Zee
VP Distribution and E-Commerce
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines