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Ancillary services


Our growing enriched content offer presents travel agencies with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their value as travel consultants, by creating rewarding customer experiences, resulting in a more profitable business. 

 Discover what is available for you today!

With an already wide selection of a la carte services integrated into Amadeus, travel agents can drive customer satisfaction and revenues by creating a tailored air travel experience for their customers.
The change in traveller expectations as well as strong adoption by most airlines has resulted in ancillary services becoming an important part of airlines’ strategy.
Benefits to the travel agency business:
Clear and connected
Ancillary services are fully integrated into the standard booking flow for all airlines, allowing agents to maintain the speed of bookings. This also ensures that every booking is reflected in mid- and back-office reporting.
Intuitive design
Amadeus’ dynamic ancillary services catalogue makes booking ancillaries both quick and efficient. Thanks to the intuitive display, agents can easily browse and sell airline ancillary services as value-added items on top of the base fare.
Multiple touch points
Agents can capture every sales opportunity across the booking flow from search to servicing, with ancillary services being integrated across a number of front-end Amadeus solutions. This includes: the cryptic command, the graphical interface of Amadeus Selling Platform Classic, our new web-based solution Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, Amadeus e-Travel Management and Web Services.

Benefits to your customer:
Tailored recommendations
The recommendations displayed in the dynamic catalogue are tailored, based on customer profile, itinerary context and fare information, so that travel agents have at their fingertips all the relevant information they need for their customers.
Responsive information
Prices for ancillary services are automatically calculated based on the customers’ frequent flyer status. This will include a discount or complimentary rate where applicable, ensuring that travellers always get the best offer.
Enhanced experience
By going the extra mile and offering ancillary services, travel agents can drive both revenues and customer loyalty, ensuring that every journey is even more customised at every stage.
Key benefits
  • Amadeus is the first GDS today offering an ancillary services catalogue integrated into a professional selling interface.
  • Giving you an expanded range of content to sell within your preferred booking platform.
  • Enhancing your customer service: increased parity with the airlines' own offer gives your customers more choice.
  • Helping you to retain customers and remain competitive, as well as reinforcing your value as a travel consultant.
  • Supporting all workflows with standardised processes and functionality, for minimal impact on your procedures.
Main features
  • Complete visibility of airline’s included optional services offering for each fare via a dynamic catalogue.
  • A choice of graphic or cryptic catalogue displays informative pricing of the services.
  • Sale of additional services supported both at time of ticket purchase and post ticket issuance, for multiple up-selling opportunities.
  • Multi-channel: offline and online
  • Fully integrated with PNR for mid/back-office process via the new Amadeus Interface Record: reduces additional work and the risk of errors, securing revenue  and enhancing proper passenger follow-up.
  • Automatic fulfilment via EMDs
  • Easy to use fare shopping tools that will allow you to search for fares based on services and then automatically compare total price for your customers based on both fare services offered (phase 3).

Integrating airlines' ancillary services as part of the offer to your clients will allow you to maintain customer satisfaction, increase your efficiency whilst staying competitive.