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Serve your travel customers personally and effectively

We help you serve travellers in a personalised way.
Amadeus helps you inspire, sell travel to and service the traveller in an engaging and efficient way – and all of this irrespective of the channel they’re using or the point they have reached in their trip experience. 
We anticipate the traveller’s needs and create products and services to help you get a greater share of the travel spend and boost customer loyalty. 
Whether your customers are looking for travel services pre, during or post trip Amadeus can help you.
As your business goes forward, you’ll be able to differentiate yourself and deliver value. You will also create better traveller experiences and boost customer engagement to shape a personalised travel future.

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    • Amadeus Diversity & Inclusion

      Amadeus Diversity & Inclusion

      At Amadeus, we welcome a diverse and inclusive environment based on equality of opportunity, fairness, respect, and dignity for all our employees.

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    • Open Source at Amadeus

      Open Source at Amadeus

      Amadeus is harnessing the power of open source technology to shape the future of travel, from enhancing our proprietary software systems with up-to-date open technologies to moving to open platforms like Linux

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