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About us Romania

Short history about Amadeus Romania

In 1992, as an outcome of the fact that Amadeus Group started its activity in Europe and became entirely operational, it becomes the most developed booking system of the world.
In 1997, as a result of its expansion, the inauguration of Amadeus Romania takes place. Step by step, the company launches in Romania: Amadeus Central Ticketing, followed by Automated Refund and Electronic Ticketing
and also Amadeus Service Fee Manager and Quality Control.
Next, Amadeus implements at a national level, for the tourism agencies, the most modern front-office - Amadeus Vista which is now called Amadeus Selling Platform.  
In 2003, the representative of Amadeus Global Travel Distribution in Romania becomes a limited company, Amadeus Marketing Romania S.R.L.
During its activity, Amadeus proved that the secret of success consists in winning the partner’s trust, by offering them consultancy, services and products, all adapted to their specific needs that guarantee the success in business.
In 2004, Amadeus and TAROM announces the implementation of the Amadeus Altea Sell booking system and Tarom becomes member of Amadeus Altea Sell, using Amadeus as a booking system in its own offices, taking benefit of an interactive sale.
Working efficiently with the ones from the traveling and tourism industry, the company managed to find favorable booking management solutions. Amadeus’ opened and communicative style will attract the most important top players from the industry, which take into serious the choice of a long term partner that has the experience and the trust needed
Along the years, Amadeus Romania launched different promoting campaign, part of the corporate campaign, that highlights the idea of added value, offering more partnership and continuity - all in conformity with the high number of technological solutions offered by the company. Amadeus offers permanently to its partners services, solutions and unexpected products, that can anticipate their specific needs.
Amadeus has a slogan that is truly representative: “Your technology partner”. Amadeus proved in time that it wants to keep its clients and to build new successful partnerships, identifying itself with a trustworthy partner in IT solutions in the tourism industry.
The tourism industry places Amadeus as a leader in offering solutions in technology and distribution, after almost two decades of development and investment. But as a real partner, Amadeus works with its collaborators using new strategies and unexpected methods, offering technology and distribution solutions, meant to facilitate the success of the business in the tourism industry.