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Resources and Downloads

Travel Industry Research and Corporate Information.

Amadeus places at your disposal all its knowledge about the travel industry in the form of travel reports, articles and other travel resources and documents that can help you better understand the present travel market and be up to date with the latest travel trends.

Amadeus’ corporate information can also be found here, containing resources and documentation about Amadeus’ portfolio: quick cards, brochures and sale sheets for our solutions, products and services.

  • Dokumenty korporacyjne firmy Amadeus

    Amadeus Global Report 2017

    Download the Amadeus Global Report 2017, a business, financial and sustainability overview.

    Dokumenty korporacyjne firmy Amadeus
  • Studium przypadku

    easyJet-Amadeus partnership creates new opportunities for Business Travel

    Read about a two year project to support easyJet’s to target the business traveller and accelerate travel bookings using Amadeus’ Light Ticketing flow.

    Studium przypadku
  • Infografiki

    Amadeus financial results - Q4-FY 2017

    Amadeus financial results - Q4-FY 2017

    Amadeus delivers good financial results in 2017

  • Raporty branżowe

    Embracing Airline Digital Transformation

    We’ve entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an era of datafication, constant connectivity and digital workforces. What are the strategies you have initiated to stay ahead? Does your offer fit what your travellers truly value?

    Raporty branżowe