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Amadeus Meta Pricer


Amadeus Meta Pricer is a high-performance, flexible and interactive tool designed to return, after a single request, the cheapest available fares offered on different airline Websites. 
Specifically, Amadeus Meta Pricer provides:
  • Access to widest content: All Amadeus participating carriers which means over 480 airlines and 59 low cost carriers 
  • Real-time accurate prices: Amadeus Meta Pricer is built on state-of-the-art technology that ensures maximum capacity to match the airline Web sites offer. For the 80+ carriers using Amadeus booking engine and shopping solution, it integrates the airline flight preferences and seamless access to the airline Web fares (i.e. : Meta Pricer is indeed replicating Flex Pricer airlines).
  • Up to 200 travel solutions in a single message: Amadeus Meta Pricer can return, in a single search and a matter of seconds, up to 200 cheapest travel solutions spread over the requested or surfaced airlines.
Amadeus Meta Pricer, targeted to Travel MetaSearch Websites, allows end users to navigate a large volume of comprehensive recommendations by sorting and filtering. Based on the Meta Pricer response, the Meta Search Web site is prompted to:
  • Store the vast number of recommendations returned at the Web server level
  • Develop user-friendly interfaces and interactive business logic so Web visitors will easily browse through Meta Pricer recommendations and make their choices
Kluczowe korzyści
What will Amadeus Meta Pricer do for your business?
  • Partner with a leading technology company 20 years as a technology partner in the travel industry.
  • Access the widest content.
  • Access all your distribution partners via a single source of information.
  • Unbeatable source of content: over 95% of the world's airline capacity.
  • Build long-term confidence with travel providers.
  • By reducing the negative cost and performance impacts of Travel Search engines on airline websites, Amadeus Meta Pricer enables you to establish better relationships with your partners.
  • Reduce your costs and increase your efficiency.
  • Source multiple content via a single connection.
  • Reduce your operations, maintenance and development costs.
  • Empower your customers and drive traffic to your website.
  • Offer your customers the fastest search and most comprehensive content.

Amadeus is the only GDS offering a dedicated solution to metasearch agents in order to retrieve the lowest fares of airlines' websites.
Podstawowe cechy
Alternative to screen scraping technology
Amadeus Meta Pricer delivers the next generation of technology by enabling the Travel MetaSearch Websites to directly query the Amadeus system and avoid scraping the airlines' sites. 
Meta Pricer fully relies on Amadeus' shopping solution expertise and benefits of successful Flex Pricer deployment on Airlines' Web site segment.
Search for Multiple Content
Amadeus Meta Pricer provides access to the flights and fares of over 480 carriers and 59 low cost carriers participating to Amadeus system enabling to search for the cheapest fares offered by many airline Web sites in a single structured XML message. 
Enhance End Users' Shopping Experience
Amadeus Meta Pricer returns in a matter of seconds up to 200 cheapest travel arrangements distributed over the preferred airlines and/or the carriers surfaced by the open search process. It offers best-in-class accuracy thanks to the integration of airline Web sites flight preferences and seamless access to the airline Web Fares.

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