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Amadeus Mobile


With Amadeus mobile solutions, business travelers and travel approvers can access the information they need to make
important travel decisions quickly and effectively right from their mobile device of choice.
Kluczowe korzyści
  • Mobile travel apps provide travelers with mobile access to their travel information– 24/7                                        
  • Provide corporate travel services that help travel arrangers manage expenses, enforce policies, and streamline processes                                                        
  • Corporate travel solution improves communication and productivity throughout the organization  
Podstawowe cechy
  • Access passenger information such as frequent traveler numbers, travel agency details, electronic ticket numbers, flight information, weather forecasts – and more    
  • Download and store trip information on their mobile devices                                         
  • Deliver the best fares directly to their mobile phones                                                   
  • Compare flight options across airlines, dates, and alternative airports or cities