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Amadeus Mobile Messenger

Amadeus Mobile Messenger

Looking for a fast and efficient travel tool to manage all types of incidents while taking care of your travellers?
Amadeus Mobile Messenger is just what you need.
Travel disruption caused by bad weather, strikes, health scares or security risks can always be stressful for business travel. Thanks to Amadeus Mobile Messenger you can now proactively manage these issues and provide real-time assistance to your corporate customers or employees, wherever they are.

Amadeus Mobile Messenger combines the best risk and technology providers to deliver fast, efficient incident management in a single tool. Risk intelligence, for real-time destination information and incident analysis, precise itinerary geocoding and two-way messaging ensure you have all you need to be able to identify and assist travellers immediately. Agents, employers and travelling employees are always informed of any potential risks or disruption to travel plans, and professional assistance can be smoothly directed to the traveller.
This web-based travel incident management system not only improves traveller satisfaction and security, but also optimises corporate travel management processes.
Kluczowe korzyści
  • Direct professional assistance to your travellers quickly and efficiently
  • Help corporations to reinforce their risk management strategy and monitor the safety and well-being of travellers throughout their trip
  • Travel agents can act proactively, contributing to savings in the cost of assistance and reduce call centre queries
  • Real-time and automated system updates provide the most up-to-date data to work with, critical for incident and risk management
  • Customer satisfaction and retention are enhanced by anticipating needs and being able to take immediate action
  • Improve productivity and make corporate travel management much simpler through workflow optimisation using Amadeus Mobile Messenger’s unique messaging, filtering tools and workload distribution. 

A real-time, web-based disruption management solution, for agencies and corporations who care for their travellers and employees, wherever they are. 
Podstawowe cechy
Risk Management
  • Provide accurate, real-time destination information and incident analysis
  • Identify travellers according to a country's risk level
  • Communicate relevant notices and alerts to travellers
Filtering and location
  • Precise itinerary geocoding display
  • Multi-location display
  • Identify travellers in a specific area
  • Graphical tools to forecast future traveller activity

Messaging capabilities
  • One-way message to inform travellers (via SMS, smartphone, email)
  • Two-way feedback messaging (via SMS, smartphone, email)
  • Location request (using GPS functionality within smartphone)
  • Communication history messaging capabilities
Flight Monitor
  • Get live flight status and tracking for up-to-the-minute information to provide prompt action in case of cancellation or delay
Asset Management
  • Support all employees affiliated to a company facility, such as an office, factory or oil rig, wherever they are located in the world
Workload management
  • Traveller data is automated and updated in real-time, ensuring you always have the latest information to work with
  • Hierarchical user-roles provide security, greater visibility and improved efficiency

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