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Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense

Amadeus cytric travel and expense

What if you could drive strategic travel spend with a unified solution?
It’s no secret that organisations are increasingly looking for a fully integrated approach to their travel and expense management. With continued growth expected in travel spend worldwide (1), this can have a critical influence on your company performance. Securing cost reductions requires a tight corporate travel policy backed up by a flexible cross-device platform and an automated expense management system.
Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense is an agile, integrated solution to control your corporation travel programme – while simplifying the user experience. Backed by the unparalleled content, technology and expertise of Amadeus, cytric T&E is just what travel and finance managers need to make the leap into optimised travel processes.
(1) CWT: GBTA Foundation report – 2015 Global Travel Price Outlook: ~ 8.6 % increase in travel spend expected in 2015 worldwide
Pursue your travel and spend policy through a cross-device workflow
  • Cost control with efficient policy compliance
  • Cost control with optimised travel purchase
  • Cost control with increased online adoption
  • Cost control with seamless end-to-end integration to ensure bottom line savings
  • All in one single App
Avoid risk: choose the right partner for success
Choosing Amadeus means opting for a long-term partner to help you shape the future of your business.  Amadeus gives you insight and clear direction in both IT and travel technology – backed up with the investment to make it happen.
Best booking
Best travel option, best sourcing, best price and best time
Unique features like:
  • Perfect Fare Configurator*, Grid Pricing* and Cube Channel Technology* provide  superior and user-friendly aggregation of availability as well as most appropriate sources and pricing to indicate the best purchase decision. 
  • Vendor Direct Connect* enables to access the provider’s content based on your corporation’s own requirements.
Best expense management
Best automation
Automation comes with savings at every step: from increasing compliance with corporate and legal policies and standardising expense policies across your business to minimising risks associated with uncontrolled spending and fraud.
Best method
And use your mobile device from end-to-end to:
Search, book, manage itineraries, capture, approve/reject expenses.
Features with * are registered and unregistered trademarks of i:FAO A.G.