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Travellers need the best holiday experience.
Faced with a myriad of holiday offers from many channels, today’s holiday shoppers are well informed and gaining control of travel information and are leading the way in multichannel shopping; many are looking for ready-made packages, while a growing number may want flight-only products. They are also building their own holidays piece by piece on Internet platforms and accessing a number of offers through new emerging channels. They need to be inspired. Everything needs to be new and unique; not just the trip experience, but also the way they dream of it, plan it, experience it and of course share it.
In an increasingly competitive market, as a Tour Operator, you need to capitalise on your key assets: your brand, your customer base, your supplier agreements, your exclusive travel content, your production capabilities and your reliability to provide what your holiday shoppers are looking for, and overall, add value to stand out while remaining attractive on price. You need to stand out on all fronts: you need to be seen on a street, inspiring on your website, flexible in your offers, active in social media, sharp on ads and mobile right up to your customers’ pockets.
Facing challenges ahead
You are best positioned to take up a lead stance across all channels. You have strong supplier relationships and preferred partners, expertise in packaging, inventory management and allotment, control over your products and customer service. You know very well your customers and many of them are loyal to your brand.
With rising competition from other players and channels, it is critical to embrace innovative technologies to adapt rapidly, diversify on new opportunities and keep leading the holiday makers marketplace.
Charting a new course
To compete one needs to adapt to consumer demands through personalisation and flexibility. This is why, as an experienced, customer focus and adaptive holiday maker, you have a huge opportunity to address the needs of all categories of travellers across the world by applying the right techniques in each part of your value proposition.
The spread of technologies in procurement and production systems as well as retailing platforms is reshaping the Tour Operator marketplace. it is all about meeting the challenging demands of experienced travellers. Our technology can help you through this change.