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Travel Innovation

Travel Innovation

At Amadeus, innovation is about doing things differently.
Travel innovation is about turning conceptual ideas into programmes and solutions that will make a difference and deliver value to our customers and the traveller.
We believe we can always do better. We continually evolve how we do things so we can help our customers adapt to and thrive in a rapidly changing world.
How do we do it? Our approach to innovation is built around three elements that  harness our internal strengths, the creativity of our external partners and our foresight.
  • 6 themes

    6 areas we believe innovation can deliver greatest value: Improved conversion, extended content, operations & performance, messaging platforms, blockchain for travel and disruptive forces.

    amadeus Travel Innovation - 6 themes
  • Internal teams

    They provide a rich source of inspiration and execution. They incubate, accelerate and scale projects. The research and innovation team mixes deep technology knowledge with business, user experience and management expertise. And the Innovation Funnel allows employees to identify ideas for doing things differently.

    Amadeus Travel Innovation - Internal teams
  • External community

    We harness the power of our external community connecting to the most exciting developments transforming how all of us will travel in the future through Amadeus Ventures, Amadeus for Developers and Amadeus Innovation Partnerships.

    Amadeus Travel Innovation - External community