Our awards

24 awards in 2016

Three decades of achievements

Over the last three decades, Amadeus has played a significant role in developing award-winning IT solutions for travel providers around the world, establishing ourselves as a leading technology player on the global stage.   
We are extremely honoured to have been recognised for our efforts and achievements in core areas of our business.  These include technology innovation, human resource best practices, social responsibility and our role in helping to shape the future of travel.  And our work doesn't stop there - we continue to research and monitor the evolving needs and motivations of tomorrow's travellers, so that we can improve and future-proof the products and services we deliver. 
We invite you to learn more about our awards which have been categorised as follows: 

Technology & innovation awards

Amadeus Technology and innovation awards

R&D is a strategic priority for Amadeus - a key factor in achieving market leadership and sustainable,profitable growth. Our systems, products and services have been recognised by the industry for both their reliability and quality.

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HR awards

Amadeus HR awards

Amadeus is honoured to have received numerous awards for demonstrating the highest standards of human resource practices; continuously improving employee conditions, their working environment and promoting personal growth.

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Sustainability awards

Amadeus Sustainability awards

Amadeus has been ranked among the top-scoring sustainability companies, thanks to our ongoing sustainability strategy, clear position on key environmental topics, social responsibility commitment and vision.

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Travel industry awards

Amadeus travel industry awards

For over 30 years, Amadeus has been developing industry-leading IT and distribution solutions for the travel sector. Our contributions to improving the traveller journey have won us several awards and recognition from industry.

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