Open source

Open source

Amadeus is harnessing the power of open source technology to shape the future of travel, from enhancing our proprietary software systems with up-to-date open technologies to moving to open platforms like Linux. Today, open source is fundamental to our cloud computing vision.
Open source relies on the collaborative spirit of a vast, global community of developers, resulting in the development of software, systems and technologies that are not only innovative, but also secure and cost-effective.  
Since we launched our Open Source Initiative in 2011, Amadeus has created a dedicated infrastructure to support open source development and community building. With open source, our customers benefit in a multitude of ways.  Apart from improving time-to-market, response time and resilience of Amadeus’ core computing functions, we are able to offer them access to the latest open solutions, and the freedom to develop customized solutions on top of standard product features.  
  • What is open source?

    Open source is revolutionizing IT and business, by giving the developer community access to the source code of software. This fosters collaboration, and as a result, interoperability and innovation.

    What is open source?
  • Our Contributions

    Amadeus is actively giving back to the open source community - from opening our Aria Templates to developers to engaging with leaders like RedHat to build cloud-based apps and services.

    Our Contributions
  • Open source software

    Amadeus has a strong tradition in using open source software. We use Apache HTTP servers, JBOSS, OpenStack, Docker, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Open source software
  • Our Developers Speak

    Many talented and bright minds are proud to be associated with the Amadeus Open Source Initiative. Let’s hear from our developers around the world.

    Our Developers Speak
  • Blog posts

    Read our blog and get insights on our perspectives on open source

    Blog posts
  • News

    Read about the latest news and updates on open source at Amadeus