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Travel community trends

Amadeus Traveller Tribes 2030

By analysing the travel community key travel players will be able to better serve future travellers

Knowing who the members of the travel community are is fundamental to creating a better travel experience.

We are conducting in-depth research into the sociological aspects of travel in order to understand the aspirations, behaviours, and expectations of the various travel groups. What are their travel personalities? How can travel industry players create services that specially cater to their needs? How can we develop better travel technology to support these needs?

Having a clear picture of the travel community of the future will help us answer these questions.

“We are all travellers after all, and the inspiration constantly driving new exploration and adventure is what makes the travel industry so interesting, unique and ever-changing.”

Julia Sattel, Senior Vice President, Airline IT.

Traveller Tribes 2030 report

Traveller Tribes 2030 Report

Learn more about the different travel groups that will compose the future travel landscape.

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Building a more rewarding journey

Traveller Tribes 2030: Building a more rewarding journey

Find out how future travellers’ purchasing behaviours will evolve through this second traveller tribes report.

Building a more rewarding journey

Shaping the future of Luxury Travel

Shaping the future of Luxury Travel - Link to report

Explore how luxury travel is expected to grow in the future and the strategies to better serve luxury travellers.

Shaping the future of Luxury Travel

Amadeus Traveller Trends Observatory

Amadeus Traveller Trends Observatory - Travel Community Trends

Discover the 4 types of travellers that have been identified by Amadeus. Get to know their profiles, needs and motivations.

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