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Amadeus MetaConnect Network


Amadeus MetaConnect Network opens new opportunities for airlines and small/medium sized metasearch players to partner. Its powerful search capabilities ensure that airline offers are accurately displayed on metasearch sites and redirected to real, bookable content on the airline.com.
Airlines also benefit from a platform to manage the commercial conditions that will govern their business relationship with multiple metasearch players through one single interface, all in one go. It goes beyond the current meta-airline referral model by creating an affiliated network that increases airline geographic exposure - without any implementation effort.
Airlines retain full flexibility and control of their content and benefit from a reliable, accurate and scalable Affiliated Travel Network. 
Key benefits
  • Single entry point for an airline to apply and manage its commercial logic, contract and settlement plans with multiple small/medium sized metas around the world
  • Full flexibility to determine business approach with each metasearch partner, in each market
  • ­ Increases airline market reach through global affiliate network comprised of small/medium sized metas
  • Boosts conversion thanks to accurate and bookable airline content being displayed on meta site
  • Reduces screen scraping and associated IT costs for airlines
  • Airline keeps full control of the booking process and products offered to the end-customer 

Main features
  • Search functionality is set-up and maintained at no implementation cost or effort for the airline
  • Deep link ensures highly accurate and bookable flight content is provided to metas
  • Rapid deployment and fully scalable platform to handle high-peaks of traffic
  • Platform performance monitoring tools allow tracking, reporting, settlement and payment