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Amadeus MetaConnect Book


Amadeus MetaConnect Book boosts conversion for airlines in the metasearch channel while improving the traveller’s shopping experience. By facilitating bookings directly on metasearch sites, airlines minimise lost referrals and travellers enjoy a seamless booking experience. As the PNR is transferred to the airline once the booking is made, airlines benefit from increased merchandising and customer servicing opportunities. The solution also offers the possibility for a metasearch to manage payment and ticketing on behalf of the airline.
Key benefits
  • Boosts conversion in the metasearch channel
  • Improves travellers’ booking experience in both web and mobile
  • PNR ownership enables airlines to better manage post-booking merchandising and customer servicing opportunities
  • Provides more control of airline sales channels and flexibility to choose partners, markets and business models
  • Flexible payment and ticketing options: operational costs savings and sales channel maximisation

Main features
  • PNR ownership by the airline increases post-booking upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Flexible payment and ticketing options using airline or metasearch platforms