Amadeus Master Pricer Expert


Amadeus Master Pricer Expert is a multichannel travel search engine that helps you find fares fast. Built for the Amadeus Selling Platform, Amadeus API or Web Services and Amadeus e-Travel Management, it’s a comprehensive solution that provides fast, flexible and accurate airline fare searches.
With a host of travel search criteria and options, you can tailor travel booking recommendations to your customers' needs. The fare software sources public, private and corporate fares directly from airlines in seconds, all of which are immediately bookable. Search and book fares from scratch, or even "beat the price" already booked in a Passenger Name Record (PNR).
Our online booking software tool is both efficient and reliable, giving you high rates of bookability and price accuracy. Your ability to manage complex itineraries of up to six segments will also help you service corporate or high-volume travelers more efficiently.
Key benefits
  • Increase the level of service provided to travel agent’s customers, by proposing a list of relevant alternatives
  • Offer competitive travel solutions thanks to the new product capacity to find the lowest fare, when customers' buying decisions are heavily price-driven
  • Enable corporate clients to control travel costs, by using a high quality shopping tool
  • Provide an efficient and reliable shopping tool, with high rates of bookability and price accuracy
  • Manage complex itineraries, up to six requested segments (with no limit)
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Propose only those solutions matching the customers' price expectations, thanks to the "price to beat" option that allows you to enter the maximum budget allowed by the customer for a travel request
  • Offer a wide variety of best offers that match corporate travel policy, by entering the corresponding options (e.g. expanded parameters)
  • Find travel solutions matching the customer's profile preferences, thanks to flexible, powerful options that enable you to meet customer criteria
Main features
 Built on our next-generation technology, Amadeus Master Pricer Expert includes:
  • Ability to override the currency at search time with any currency desired
  • Filter the criteria to quickly find the best deal
  • Access to more services at booking time
  • Flexible criteria such as a defined "radius" of an airport or city, alternate airports or cities, alternate dates, non-stop flights and more
  • The ability to search up to six travel segments at a time, with currency specified
  • Travel agents' fees included in fare (when integrated with Amadeus Service Fee Manager)
  • Extensive search filter criteria to quickly find the best option among search results
  • Fares and availability displayed in one screen
  • Automatic PNR update 
  • Smooth integration into the travel agency’s mid- and back-office system through the Amadeus Interface Record or Amadeus Agency Manager