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CheckMyTrip is Amadeus’ online itinerary service that enables travel agencies to serve their customers better. By providing a content-rich, user-friendly online itinerary template, you will increase customer loyalty and make travel reservation, travel booking and planning more efficient.
Direct your customers to, where they can access all the information they'll need before, during and after a trip.
Improve your customers' travel experience while increasing cross-selling opportunities, building your brand image and optimizing your agents’ time.
CheckMyTrip boasts a new, improved look and feel combined with a great user experience. Available in 23 languages, it provides your customers 24/7 access to:
  • Full, real-time reservation details on flight, hotel, car, cruise, car rental and insurance bookings
  • Destination information such as country guides, maps, weather forecasts, country codes, currency exchange rates and more
  • A personalized account with information regarding past, current and future trips, default language and additional personal comments
  • The ability to post travel details on social media sites as well as print, email or download itineraries in PDF format
  • The option to download itineraries into electronic calendars
CheckMyTrip also provides time-saving direct links to:
  • Online check-in via the airline's Website with the associated logotype
  • The travel agency website with your agency logotype
Key benefits
CheckMyTrip allows you to:
  • Concentrate on your core business: With this convenient and reliable point of reference, travelers can view their travel planner, decreasing the number of calls your team has to handle.
  • Provide a professional travel itinerary service: Over three million travel agents and travelers today rely on our 24/7 itinerary service. All travelers with an Amadeus booking can access their real-time reservation details and destination information at a single point, making trip itinerary planning easier.
  • Put travel information at your customer's fingertips: All you need to retrieve itinerary information is the traveler’s name and reservation number. Once a personal account is created, this process becomes even easier.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: With the CheckMyTrip website itinerary planner service, you can keep customers satisfied by providing them the best post-sales service at no additional cost.
Main features
Easy to use:
  • Access with traveler's last name and record locator
  • New improved look and feel with great usability experience
  • Regional parameters settings
  • Choose your language (23 to choose from!)
  • 24/7 access
One-stop reference point: full, real-time reservation details on:
  • Flight (duration, flight number, aircraft, seat maps etc.), hotel, car, cruise, car reservation, and insurance.
  • Destination sensitive information: display of related country guides, maps, weather forecast, country codes, world clock, currency exchange rates, and subway maps for major cities.
Possibility to create a personal account and access a customized website integrating:
  • Personal preferences such as default language
  • List of past, ongoing and future recorded trips with Amadeus PNR - accessible anytime, without the record locator
  • Additional personal comments to an imported trip or to its title
Time-saving direct links:
  • Airline online check-in website link with associated logotype
  • Travel agency website with TA logotype for quick and easy recognition
Easy to share and communicate with others:
  • Post your travel details on Facebook, download PDF itinerary, print it and/or send to anyone by email.
  • Download your entire itinerary into your electronic calendar including Google calendar, Apple iCal, GoDaddy Online Group Calendar, IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook.

Serve your customers even better with Amadeus CheckMyTrip!
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