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Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents


Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents offers a suite of documents, currently Amadeus Itinerary and Amadeus e-Ticket Receipt, which are delivered in a clear, professional format with the option to tailor the itinerary document for a more personalized service that reflects an agency's brand. Besides adding the logo and choosing the design, supplementary information can also be included in documents such as an agency's social media links, CO2 emission data or Warsaw Convention liability regulations. Information can be received via email, SMS and print, with a follow-up server available to provide a trace of all sent documents.
Deployment is made via a smart tab in Amadeus Selling Platform, with a intuitive graphical user interface, and also with simple cryptic entries. SMS can also be sent from Amadeus e-Travel Management.
Key benefits
Differentiate your documents
Create professional, stylish travel documents that reflect your agency's brand
Personalize itinerary content with custom text, include destination-based information, CO2 emission data or Warsaw Convention liability regulations
Enhance customer service

Deliver clear, concise and relevant travel information to travelers and reduce dependency on travel agents for information
Send travelers information in the format and language of their choice
Seamless integration

Travel documents can be sent from Amadeus Selling Platform and Amadeus e-Travel Management
Message tracking and auto-archiving facilitates customer follow-up
Quick and easy activation allows for fast adoption
Intuitive workflow and automated processing requires minimal agent training

Create branded travel documents with customised content to complement each reservation

Itineraries and e-ticket receipts are delivered in a choice of formats and languages that can be sent and tracked quickly and efficiently

The e-ticket itinerary receipt is certified by BSP and airlines, as well as conforming to IATA and ATA resolutions
Main features
Set your travel documents apart
Create branded documents with customized content to complement each reservation

Provide transparent, relevant travel information
Give your customers the content they need in the format of their choice

Communicate instantly with your customers
Send and track documents quickly and effortlessly

Take advantage of fully integrated technology
Documents can be sent directly from Amadeus Selling Platform or Amadeus e-Travel Management