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Amadeus Interface Record


The Amadeus Interface Record (A.I.R) is a structured record of data that can be sent to a travel agency computer systems. This flexible information vehicle is used for the automated transfer of fare (TST, TSM) and booking data (PNR) in real time between the Amadeus System and external systems such as accounting mid and back-office, information management systems or quality booking control applications.
There are 2 different categories of Amadeus Interface Records for Back Office:

- Accounting A.I.R: this A.I.R category is mainly processed by the accounting back-office systems to process the travel agency booking and ticketing data, miscellaneous documents, invoice data, car voucher data, etc.
- Information Management Record, IMR: this A.I.R category can be processed by the management information systems to treat information on the booking and fares, for statistics, data consolidation, synchronization or quality tracking purposes.
According to the transaction which generated the Back-Office A.I.R and the settings in the office profile, the Back-Office A.I.R can contain information from the following sources:

- The Passenger Name record (PNR)
- The Transitional Stored Ticket (TST)
- The Transitional Stored Miscellaneous (TSM)
Key benefits
- Automated real-time transmission on agent transactions
- No additional workload for agent productivity
- Adaptability to each environment
- Extensive source of information
- Fares and bookings
- At different booking stages (before ticketing, on ticket issuance, on voucher issuance, on invoicing)
- Control accounting
- Get statistics on bookings
- Get statistics on the activity of the agents
- Customization at office level: content, triggers, versions
- Integration with Amadeus Agency Manager
Main features