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Online Travel - Transformation ahead

With the merging of OTAs and Metasearch models, the world of Online travel is evolving fast, converging, on the one hand, with Online Travel Retailers where consumers browse, select, buy and consume their travel products. In parallel, Digital Tour Operators are online players who, with the support of great technology, have the capability to bring offline products to the online market place. As a Digital Tour Operator, you focus on your consumers’ journey, experience and destination. This has now become a reality.
New trends in the way consumers search, book and purchase their services are also accelerating as they expect to find the cheapest, bookable curated content. Research* shows that consumers in the new digital funnel are still very much price sensitive and ease of use is very high on the list when returning (or not) to an online travel website.
As an Online Travel Retailer or a Digital Tour Operator, you have a huge opportunity to enhance your online shoppers’ experience and address their specific needs by using the right merchandising platform solutions and innovating to further differentiate your value proposition. The spread of technologies and use of alternative information channels are reshaping the online retail market place; it’s all about meeting the challenging demands of travellers.
Our solutions will help you to Merchandise, Accelerate and Monetise – all  fundamental priorities – enabling you to differentiate, increase conversion and boost profitability.