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Facts & figures

fact and figures

195 countries served. 440 million bookings yearly. Get some of our key numbers here.

Amadeus is the leader in technology solutions for the global travel and tourism industry and the largest transaction processor. We serve more than 195 countries. Each year, Amadeus processes upwards of 948 million key billed travel transactions.
Travel agents have access to numerous travel providers via the Amadeus system:
  • 711 airlines (over 440 bookable) – including more than 70 low-cost carriers
  • 24 Insurance companies
  • 50+ cruise and ferry lines
  • 207 tour operators
  • 110,000+ hotel properties
  • 30 car rental companies
  • 95 railway operators
This equates to 95 percent of the world’s scheduled airline seats. More than 92,000 travel agency subscribers access the system. Additionally, we connect to more than 70,000 airline sales outlets and 6,000 corporate customers worldwide.
Amadeus technology also powers over 260 airline websites, while 110 airlines use both the Amadeus Altéa Reservation and Inventory airline IT systems.
In terms of hotel IT, a growing number of hotel chains now use the Amadeus Hotel Platform, while 1,250 hotels in more than 40 countries use the Amadeus Revenue Management System. Amadeus employs more than 170 dedicated hotel experts covering every aspect of development, delivery and support and offers a rich portfolio of solutions to hotel companies.
The Amadeus Data Center is an example of operational excellence:
  • Handles up to 1 billion transactions/day
  • 20,000+ transactions/sec
  • 0.3 sec response time
  • 8 Petabytes of storage
  • 3+ million net bookings/day
Amadeus has more than 700 employees in North America; 10,000 employees work for the Amadeus global organization. Our people are highly skilled, have broad cultural experience and language skills. Our workforce is made up of 123 nationalities.
Amadeus also has a widespread global presence:
  • 6 locations across North America 
  • 73 local Amadeus Commercial Organizations (ACOs)
  • 3 main global locations
  • 4 regional offices
  • 16 research & development centers