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Corporate Social Responsibility


Amadeus is committed to stimulating social advancement and improving environmental performance. We leverage the talent and enthusiasm of our people, our technology and our expertise in the global travel industry to establish partnerships that make a real difference

With 10,000 employees and a truly global presence in nearly 200 countries, Amadeus recognizes its social and environmental responsibilities. Therefore, the decisions we make in our business are based not only on the financial expectations of the stakeholders we interact with, but also on the immediate and long-term social and environmental impact of our operations.
Since its inception, Amadeus has enjoyed continuous economic growth, and we have contributed to transformation and business success in the global travel industry. We are in constant dialogue with our stakeholders to understand their expectations of Amadeus – in the marketplace, in the workplace and within the communities where we operate. The Corporate Social Responsibility activity we develop is a result of the real needs and expectations they have of Amadeus.
Our strategy is to develop Corporate Social Responsibility projects jointly with the beneficiary communities and, for meaningful impact, with other entities – local and international. To fuel our projects, we employ selected components of the unique resources that have made our business so successful: our people, our technology, our insight in the travel industry and our business relationships. Amadeus’ CSR programs are developed to ensure an optimal mix of resources, so that our social and environmental engagement provides tangible, positive results.
In this context, Travel Further is a sign of our commitment to go beyond the normal. The expected. The everyday. Indeed, Travel Further was born from an aspiration for doing more. For delivering beyond what is required. And ensuring our contribution to the world goes further than commercial advancement. In fact, at Amadeus, we believe that only by working together, can we Travel Further.