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Global extranets

  • Amadeus e-Support Centre

    Amadeus e-Support Centre

    Amadeus e-Support Centre is an online web portal and knowledge base providing 24/7 access to a wide range of learning and support information and tools.

  • Airline Extranet

    Airline Extranet

    Available exclusively to our airline customers. Here airlines have access to comprehensive, customised and useful information securely stored in one place and available 24/7/365.

  • Hotels Extranet

    Hotels Extranet

    A secure, online hub for you to access confidential documents, keep-up to-date with our product developments, and reference training and marketing collateral that will assist you with your daily operations.

  • Cars Online Toolbox

    Cars Online Toolbox

    Amadeus Cars Online Toolbox, the extranet for car rental providers!

  • Amadeus Partner Network

    Amadeus Partner Network

    Are you a solution provider interested in joining Amadeus Partner Network? For more information, check our partner pages and fill-in the Amadeus Partner Network application form.

  • Amadeus Web Services Portal

    Amadeus Web Services Portal

    A secured and dedicated access to the web services catalogue, releases, technical download & tools.