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Amadeus Extreme Search


With Amadeus Extreme Search, find the best deals from hundreds of airlines over a full calendar year and display results using interactive maps according to your own customised web design.

Amadeus Extreme Search is the unique inspirational shopping solution for online travel agencies that revolutionises the way customers search for air travel online. An intuitive, powerful solution which engages travellers right at the beginning of the shopping chain even before they have decided on a destination.

Amadeus Extreme Search provides invaluable insights for online travel agents into customer search behaviour while inspiring travellers with an innovative search experience. It can answer pertinent questions such as:

"Where can I go, within a given budget?"
"I want a three week adventure in Africa but don't know where to go exactly"

...and provides enticing travel suggestions instantly.

With full integration into the booking flow, the traveller is engaged into booking directly from the pre-search environment and the sale is secured swiftly and seamlessly all on the same website.

Key benefits
Unbeatable accuracy and diversity of destination and dates
Access to billions of pre-computed results instantantly over a full calendar year
Ultra fast response time
Responses provided instantly due to Massive Search Platform price cache
Multiple business intelligence opportunities
Improve return on investment, marketing spend and increase website traffic
Inspired customer experience
Fast location of the best offers that fully correspond to traveller expectations. Open search instantly returns air fares for multiple destinations for a period up to one full year
New innovative ways of searching
Use flexible search options such as budget, geography, activity and more

Award winning technical know how; Extreme Search technology wins travel innovation summit award, PhoCusWright Conference for innovation in travel technology (2009)
Multiple business intelligence opportunities

Main features
Drive customers to your website
Inspirational maps : Provide the best bookable air fare recommendations from billions of possibilities using innovative open search criteria. Compare map results at amazing speeds for destinations worldwide
Encourage higher margin sales
Provide destination searches powered by activity type and link destinations to activities best suited to your clients' needs
Maximise conversion rates
Powerful cache and massive route coverage: populate destination and affinity landing pages and improve search engine optimisation 
Respond to trends and improve ROI
Extreme Search technology provides unique business intelligence with insights into how visitors and customers search for travel offers

Amadeus Extreme Search is a unique and inspirational shopping solution for online travel agencies that revolutionises the way travellers search for air travel online. View the demo now!