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CheckMyTrip is Amadeus’ online itinerary service that helps travel agencies serve their customers better. By providing a content-rich, easy-to-use online itinerary template for travellers, you can increase customer loyalty and make travel planning efficient. Direct your customers to, where they can access all the information they need before their trip, as well as extra pre- and post-trip services, on a single website.
In this way you improve their travel experience, while at the same time increasing cross-selling opportunities, building your brand image and optimising your agents’ time. CheckMyTrip includes a new improved look and feel combined with a great user experience.
Key benefits
  • Provide your customers with this easy to access and reliable point of reference for their travel information and see an immediate decrease in the number of calls to handle.
  • The website is visited by over 3 million travel agents and travellers alike, all relying on the 24/7 itinerary service provided. With Amadeus CheckMyTrip all travellers with an Amadeus booking can access their real-time reservation details together with context relevant destination information in one single place. Makes preparation of the trip just that bit more easy and exciting.
  • Save time - all it takes to retrieve itinerary information is the travellers’ name and reservation number. And this can even be quicker once a personal account is created where past, ongoing and future trips are easily saved.
  • With the Amadeus CheckMyTrip website itinerary service, it’s easy to keep customers satisfied by providing them the best post-sales service at no cost
Main features

Serve your customers even better with Amadeus CheckMyTrip!
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