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With suppliers and online players luring on opportunities raised by managed travel, travel management companies have no choice but to differentiate themselves and offer premium service to cost-conscious corporate clients and their tech-savvy travellers. Whatever your strategy, Amadeus will support you in connecting to content providers, serving your clients and managing your business, allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

  • Connect

    All content is not the same: access the world's richest content and manage your own as well as your clients' private content... Integrated, searchable and bookable across channels. Look again and change your mind on content!

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  • Serve

    Satisfy your clients' needs at all levels: from the corporate travel department to the CEO office and the actual travellers thanks to reliable tools, efficient processes and optimal integration, across all booking channels.

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  • Manage

    Manage your business in the best way possible through key insights and efficient end-to-end integration; optimising processes when possible, and asking for consultancy when needed.

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