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Low-cost Carriers (LCCs)


Travel agents can now help their customers make travel budgets go even further, by offering a diverse range of low-cost options to stay competitive.
Amadeus’ growing low-cost & hybrid (LCCs) offer allows agents to maximise their bottom line, through a  uniform workflow, which makes booking LCCs efficient and profitable  .

Uniform - Benefits to the travel agency:

Built for speed
> Booking LCCs is 5x faster on Amadeus compared to the direct channel.
> Even compared to aggregators, making bookings is twice as fast on Amadeus.
> Modifying tickets is 8 mins. quicker than on any other channel
100% integrated 
> Seamless integration of LCCs into the neutral availability 
> Access to accurate content through real-time availability
> Drive efficiency through full mid and back-office integration
> Enhanced trip tracking through a synchronised PNR
Designed to profit 
> Make 3€ cost saving on a round trip booking.
> Make 6€ cost saving on re-bookings and changes.

Diverse - Benefits to the traveler:
Even more possibilities 
> Offer a competitive mix of air options, with a choice of over 90 low- cost and hybrid carriers 
> Easily & seamlessly add ancillary services to the trip & make last minute changes on customer requests

Complete clarity
> Get complete transparency on the total price and breakdown of the fare including taxes and charges.  
> Automatic transfer of all trip changes across all Amadeus channels providing full visibility directly in CheckMytrip.

Connected even further
> Allow travellers to go even further thanks to interlining agreements with over 21 major full service carriers
Key benefits


  • 6 times faster than LCC websites
  • Twice as fast as aggregator sites
  • 3 times quicker on changes than any other booking application
  • Make 3€ cost savings on a round trip booking
  • Make 6€ cost savings on re-bookings and changes
  • Synchronized PNR, allows for streamlined process
  • More content options, with FSC + LCC Interlining
  • Better traveler tracking
Main features
Transparent search
  • Automated customer profiles & preferences
  • Clear total pricing, including all taxes, duties and possible ancillaries - including in some instance the standard baggage allowance
Seamless booking

  • An e-mail confirmation, sent directly to the traveller
  • An invoice against the account
  • Allows for one single payment across the booking
Synchronization on changes
  • Invoice and billing
  • Updates the traveler’s itinerary, which is visible through Amadeus CheckMyTrip 
Back office integration

  • Real time data and reporting
  • Accurate data for fare negotiation with carriers

Watch the videos about easyJet and Amadeus partnership and the interviews with: Hervé Kozar (Transavia), Caroline (easyJet) and Andrew Hodges (easyJet).