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Our customers

Shape the future of travel

We operate globally in the growing travel and technology market at every step of the customer journey.

As the largest transaction processor in the travel industry, Amadeus is the trusted technology partner for customers of all sizes and in all sectors.
We operate in Greece and Cyprus in the growing travel and technology market, using a successful transaction-based business model.
We focus on two highly synergistic and profitable businesses: distribution (providing indirect distribution services to both travel providers and travel sellers) and IT solutions (for travel providers, including direct distribution technology).
Amadeus offers a comprehensive range of innovative and advanced, yet easy-to-use, products and solutions. Our products are specifically designed to enhance productivity, profitability or customer experience for everyone in the travel supply chain at every step of the customer journey.
Travel providers:
  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Cars
  • Rail
  • Ferry
  • Cruise
  • Insurance
  • Tour Operators
Travel sellers:
  • Travel Management Companies
  • Business Travel Agencies
  • Online Travel Agencies
  • Leisure Travel Agencies
  • Vertically Integrated Tour Operators
  • Consolidators
  • Single Site Travel Agencies
Travel buyers:
  • Corporations
  • Travellers