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Customer Support

Shape the future of travel

Our primary aim is to enable your business to succeed

Customer service plays an important role in our organization, thus Amadeus through its outstanding customer support & training offering, aims to enable  customers to benefit from our solutions in a most efficient way.

We know by fact, through various daily and annual customer surveys, that Amadeus is ranked as “Best of Service Overall” and we thank our customers for their trust and partnership that has allowed us to achieve these ratings. Our aim is to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that our services have met customer expectations.

The Help Desk service for Athens operates from Monday till Friday, from 09:00 till 18:00 and Saturday, from 09:00 till 14:00.
To communicate with the Customer Support department of Amadeus Hellas, you can contact us by telephone at +30 850 850 80 11.

Amadeus e-Support Centre

Amadeus e-Support Centre contains more than 1,000 knowledge solutions, tips and guidance.
This wide range of resources and educational material can be searched for by keyword, topic and system error message and is available at no additional charge to Amadeus customers. In fact, the Amadeus e-Support Centre is perfectly suited to current market conditions since it is designed to save time and reduce telephone costs.

The Amadeus e-Support Centre is designed to complement our telephone support and give you flexibility and confidence when telephone lines are overloaded and you need a fast reply as well as when you need support and our Help Desk is closed.
This solution is another example of how Amadeus lives up to its promise to be a genuine partner to the travel industry.

Amadeus e-Support Centre is accessible through a Smart Tab in the Amadeus Selling Platform or through our Customer Area.

Amadeus Selling Platform users can self-register themselves through an easy process when they log onto the application for the first time.
Non-Selling Platform users can access the stand alone e-Support Centre from anywhere you wish, provided you have obtained your e-Support Cetre credentials by clicking in this link