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Amadeus m-Power


"Travel is mobile.  The click is dead – today's traveller is all about the pinch, swipe and tap. Is your travel brand ready?
Amadeus m-Power lets you create beautifully designed travel apps that keep travellers delighted and connected with you wherever they go. Did you know, there are over 60,000 travel apps available worldwide?  Your mobile presence must break through by continually delivering the freshest features and content in order to keep your traveller's loyalty.
With our Amadeus m-Power solution, you can create a powerful mobile app & web presence using off the shelf features and content with your travel agency or corporation brand colours and logo.  You have an option to create custom content areas and activate targeted shopping features either with our travel booking engine or your own.  Traveller usage analytics and industry benchmark data from our platform give you fresh insights to maximise every mobile interaction.  Best of all, you can easily communicate with your travellers based on their location to deliver the right service at the perfect moment.
Our mobile solutions are built with 30 years of travel technology DNA using open source frameworks and best in class partners.  Rely on our mobile adoption experts to guide you at every step from conception to launch and beyond.  We can get your mobile presence up and running before you know it.  Only Amadeus m-Power can give your travel brand an edge above the rest – make your mobile mark today."
Key benefits
Greater Traveller Loyalty:  Tap into trusted content and reliable features that enable travellers to stay safe, relax and enjoy their trips.  Proactively push critical information they need and appreciate before they request it.  Introduce travellers to new destination experiences they'll thank you for.
Immediate Saving Opportunities: use our off the shelf feature and content assets, ready-made analytic and marketing tools, and industry best in class release management practices to minimise demand on your IT staff.  Reduce call centre time spent on administrative requests so you can re-focus travel agents on higher value service and selling activities.
New Selling Opportunities:  Capture additional flight, ancillary, hotel, taxi/transfer, parking and other destination revenues through intelligent, personalised merchandising opportunities across a variety of cross-selling and advertising channels that you pick and choose for your travel app.
Stronger Brand Affinity:  Put your mobile brand directly in the hands of your travellers and be with them during key moments of the pre-trip, in-trip and post-trip experiences.  Achieve greater visibility online and gain awareness with new customers via your own branded presence in the App Stores.

Automatic Trip Linkage -  proactively push trip bookings into your traveller's hands through the app.
Smart Itinerary Management Services - beautifully designed timeline views that organise every trip detail make your travellers feel confident.
Intuitive Travel Shopping Experiences - well laid out flight, hotel and destination search and book flows let your travellers feel empowered.
Personalised Messaging and Free Flight Notifications - relevant flight changes plus location-aware targeting for offers, helpful tips and other communication proves you understand your traveller's needs and desires.
Extensive Content & Tools - weather forecasts, point to point directions, nearby attraction finders and other handy references help your travellers stay productive.
Full Brand Customisation - use your own app icon, name, splash screen and more to keep you top of mind with your travellers.
Flexible Integration - add your existing booking engine and payment gateway or use ours.
Built-In Monetisation - utilise ready-made upsell and cross-sell capabilities to tap into and capture more of your travellers’ spend throughout their journey.
Main features