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Low-cost Carriers (LCCs) for Travel Agents

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With Amadeus you can have access to a vast and diverse world of global, regional and local content.

  • 70 low cost carriers (LCCs) available directly through Selling Platform
  • Seamless integration into the neutral availability display of Amadeus Selling Platform
  • 21 interlining agreements with major full service carriers such as Iberia, American Airlines, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, etc. that provide you and the traveller a seamless booking process, with competitive fares.
  • Access to the best LCC fares at any given time, improving your control over the total booking process and allowing you to show the best rates to your customers.
  • Access to real-time availability in the Neutral display, allowing you to perform bookings with total confidence with no possibility of rejected sales
Key benefits
  • 6 times faster than LCC websites
  • Twice as fast as aggregator sites
  • 3 times quicker on changes than any other booking application
  • Synchronized PNR, allows for streamlined process
  • More content options, with FSC + LCC Interlining
  • Better traveler tracking
Main features
Transparent search
  • Automated customer profiles & preferences
  • Clear total pricing, including all taxes, duties and possible ancillaries - including in some instance the standard baggage allowance
Seamless booking
  • An e-mail confirmation, sent directly to the traveller
  • An invoice against the account
  • Allows for one single payment across the booking
Synchronization on changes
  • Invoice and billing
  • Updates the traveler’s itinerary, which is visible through Amadeus CheckMyTrip
Back office integration
  • Real time data and reporting
  • Accurate data for fare negotiation with carriers

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