• Travel short stories

Travel short stories

Travel short stories can transport you into the near future.

They can play with your imagination to show you what travel could look like in just a few years. Because, true progress isn't about taking one logical step after another. It takes giant leaps in imagination to create real differences.

We look forward to discussing some of the #shapethefutureoftravel topics from the story with you.

Little Victories by Jay Eales

Travel with us to the future on a journey where personalised and connected travel is a reality. Follow the in-flight adventure of Sophie Dillon a medical student going on a journey in an age of seamless travel.

The chase to Fortune Island by Ian Douglas

Imagine a future where you could travel half way across the world via just a few words explained to your Virtual Personal Assistant. All of your multi-modal travel needs taken care of in just a few nanoseconds and with your budget in mind. Follow the story of Dylan and Lorie and how they race against time for an opportunity of a lifetime on a limited budget.

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