Social Responsibility

Amadeus - Corporate Social Responsibility Travel Further

Amadeus Social Responsibility comprises the activity we carry out to support development, education and welfare of underserved communities. Our projects centre primarily on using technology, travel and tourism, as well as our people and global reach, to improve quality of life for people with limited resources in the communities among which we operate.

As improved travel and communications make the world a smaller place, global challenges such as development at the grass roots and the barriers that hold back growth such as poverty, become more visible and more urgent. The corporate sector increasingly asks to be part of the process that analyses the role society plays in tackling these challenges. A key player in the global travel industry, Amadeus is a part of that process. We realise that true long-term business sustainability requires not only considering commercial needs, but also making a positive impact socially. We need to be actively involved in understanding and nurturing both the commercial and social, in order to meet the requirements of today while we lay a robust foundation for tomorrow.
As a consequence, Amadeus Social Responsibility encompasses three core programme areas:
  • Knowledge & Skills Transfer: training and learning projects in partnership with education institutions and non-profit organisations focused on education for underserved communities.
  • Technology for Good: selected components of Amadeus technology deployed in social projects.
  • Community Support: collaboration with and volunteering in local community projects
For a full view of our Social Responsibility projects around the world, see Amadeus CSR Map
Read about our contribution to a Sustainable travel Future and keep up to date on the latest from our Corporate Social Responsibility through the Amadeus blog and Amadeus YouTube channel.