Amadeus - Corporate Social Responsibility Travel Further

Amadeus environmental strategy addresses the impact of our operations and the concerns of our stakeholders in the travel industry

We normally find common economic and environmental interests that facilitate action in reducing our resource consumption and general environmental impact. For example, by reducing the electricity consumption, which is a key element in our overall operations resource consumption, we also achieve significant cost savings.
Secondly, our customers expect us to deliver technological solutions for a broad scope of challenges, including environmental ones. In this respect, we have been working in cooperation with other industry partners in specific projects, like the provision of industry standard calculation of aircraft emissions in our distribution platforms.
We need to work together with other industry stakeholders to address environmental challenges for the whole industry. For this reason we keep various initiatives in place, like our participation in travel and tourism organisations and forums.
Read about our contribution to a Sustainable travel Future and keep up to date on the latest from our Corporate Social Responsibility through the Amadeus blog and Amadeus YouTube channel. You can as well see our environmental policy here and the evolution of our environmental performance here.