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Amadeus UK prides itself on delivering excellent customer service

Technology is an enabler, but if it is not backed-up by first class customer support, it could mean failing to get the best out of any IT system or software. At Amadeus Ireland we take after-sales customer service and support seriously. We know that without the confidence and trust of our loyal customers, we could never have risen to become the leading travel technology company that we are today.

Why you can trust us to deliver on our promises
In annual, independently conducted telephone surveys of around 250 users of global distribution systems (including Amadeus and its competitors); Amadeus is consistently ranked 'Best for Service Overall.'
Amadeus e-Support Centre

Amadeus e-Support Centre contains more than 1,000 knowledge solutions, tips and guidance. You can instantly access the Amadeus e-Support Centre through our Customer Area.

This wide range of resources and educational material can be searched for by keyword, topic and system error message and is available at no additional charge to Amadeus customers. In fact, the Amadeus e-Support Centre is perfectly suited to current market conditions since it is designed to save time and reduce telephone costs.
More than simply a knowledge bank, agents can also log cases online for automatic processing by Amadeus Help Desk experts. Travel agents can then track the status of their logged cases, in addition to updating and closing cases online.
Our most recent addition to e-Support is the Cryptic entries which delivers even more time-saving and productivity benefits. The Amadeus e-Support Centre is designed to complement our telephone support and is yet another example of how Amadeus lives up to its promise to be a genuine partner to the travel industry.
Download the quick cards to discover how easy it is to search for knowledge or log a case with our help desk.
Amadeus e-Support Centre is accessible through a Smart Tab in the Amadeus Selling Platform or through our Customer Area. Non-Selling Platform customers should click the link at the bottom of this page for details on how they can benefit from e-Support Centre.
Amadeus e-Support Centre through a Smart Tab in the Amadeus Selling Platform
Any Amadeus Selling Platform user can self register themselves through an easy process when they log onto the application for the first time.
Delegated Administrator

Delegated Administrators are able to manage who (among their colleagues) is permitted to access the Amadeus e-Support Centre. Amadeus strongly recommends that you take advantage of the added flexibility this feature provides, as it offers you full control over who is able to communicate directly with the Amadeus helpdesk via Amadeus e-Support Centre. Please see the Delegated Admin Guide for details on how to register additional users.