Amadeus CheckMyTrip

Amadeus CheckMyTrip

By connecting to the Internet address, you access Amadeus CheckMyTrip, a service that gives all travellers with an Amadeus reservation access to display their real-time reservation details together with context sensitive destination information (weather, dialing codes, event guides, currency exchange rates, etc.)
Amadeus CheckMyTrip is a cost and time saver for Amadeus Customers (Travel Agents and Airlines) since their end consumers (the travellers) look up their own itinerary rather than contact the Call Centre of the company that they booked with.

Key benefits

  • New user interface
    Clearer and easier to use through new user interface
  • Interactive
    Heightened end-user interaction through personal accounts, offering full control, personalisation, preferences and a convenient time-saving trip list of past, ongoing and future trips
  • User satisfaction
    Increased end user (traveller) satisfaction by constant access to itinerary and self-service online check-in links
  • Timely information
    Timely travel information though real-time PNR data shown and links to airlines online check-ins
  • One-Stop-Shop
    Itineraries and content rich destination information in one single site
  • Revenue opportunities
    Potential revenue opportunities for the travel agency through website referrals
  • Multiple languages
    Possibility to choose default language among 23 and display market-regional settings
  • Cost savings
    Cost saver for travel agents and airlines through reduced calls to help-desks

Main features

New interface
A clearer and easier to use new user interface with the possibility to open several itineraries at the same time in collapsed and extended views. Visualisation of the complete itinerary in one go saves time and increases satisfaction
Trip tools
The trip tools page gives access to lots of useful additional information
Personal account
Set language preference and save trip-itineraries into a personal trip list.
The trip list can save any currently active (ie. future or ongoing) trip, and will also show already saved trips, even once already flown. Streamlined and time-saving usability.
Share travel details
Share your trip with friends, family or colleagues on Facebook. Click on "e;Share"e; and the destination and date are displayed on the Facebook wall
Dynamic display
Increase traffic to your website and drive up-sell opportunities and goodwill valorisation by customising the interface with your branding.
Your Travel agency logotype can appear on each itinerary
Save time and cost for your travellers with on-line check-in referrals

Serve your customers even better with Amadeus CheckMyTrip!
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