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Amadeus Social Media Suite

Amadeus Social Media Suite

Amadeus Social Media Suite is an agile, comprehensive social media marketing tool helping travel agencies to get the best out of their social media presence. It combines social media marketing and management, an integrated app shop for travel tailored Facebook apps, monitoring, a media server and a social media knowledge centre in one tool. Travel agencies can manage their complete social media presence and communication from one single entry point, optimising marketing costs and creating new revenue opportunities. Amadeus Social Media Suite currently integrates Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
Amadeus Social Media Suite consists of 6 main modules:
  • Setup Assistant - Set up the Social Media Suite by connecting your social media channels and defining your own look & feel
  • Dashboard - See at a glance what is going on in your social media channels
  • Messages - Communicate from the Social Media Suite to your customers on all connected social media channels
  • AppShop - Order and install apps provided by Amadeus on your Facebook site to enrich your web presence (as IBEs or inspirational apps)
  • Analytics - Evaluate and analyse your own social media activities. Monitor the success of a single post or of a purchased app
  • Media - Store your pictures on an Amadeus data base and keep your copyrights
Key benefits
Industry first
The first social media marketing tool designed specifically for the travel industry

Effective communication
One single and comprehensive platform, to run effective and integrated campaigns across multiple social media channels simultaneously

Customer understanding from the inside out
Social media sites are a potential gold mine for customer data. With Amadeus Social Media Suite find out what customers want and where they will be in the future

New revenue opportunities and optimised marketing costs
Sell additional, exciting services via local app content, and save costs from traditional marketing activities with a shift to social media strategy

Multi media management
With Social Media Suite all picture rights remain with the travel agency and not with Facebook
Main features
 Simple overview of all activity
Personalised entry page for an overview of all important activities within the travel agency's own Social Media Suite 

 Instant interaction with customers

Display communication and interact directly with customers on all connected social media channels 

 Exploit new revenue opportunities
Give your customers what they are looking for with tailored travel apps for Facebook making travel both easy and fun. Create specific content and generate traffic via Facebook fan pages. 
 Support strategic and commercial planning
Accurate data and analytics 

 Manage media simply and effectively
Personalise posts with pictures and documents. All picture rights remain with the travel agency and not with Facebook

Social Media is an opportunity travel agencies cannot afford to miss. Watch the video and find out more