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Sell to travellers

Sell to travellers- Travel agencies

Front-office solutions that empower professional travel agencies and enable leisure agents to engineer their online shops.

Products and Solutions

  • Amadeus Selling Platform Connect

    Amadeus Selling Platform Connect is the next-generation booking and fulfilment platform for travel agencies that’s designed to free you from technology constraints so you can put your passion to work.

  • Amadeus Online Travel Suite
    Amadeus Online Travel Suite

    Amadeus Online Travel Suite is a complete end-to-end e-commerce solution that will make entering the online world a smooth and efficient experience.

  • Amadeus API

    Build your own application with our API development package.

  • image for the product page Amadeus e-Travel Management
    Amadeus e-Travel Management

    Amadeus e-Travel Management (AeTM) is an online self-booking tool that serves every aspect of corporations’ travel needs through a single entry point.

  • Amadeus e-Retail Engine

    Flexible, online travel-booking solution that can enable you to cost-effectively deliver your travel services.

  • All Fares Plus

    Amadeus All Fares Plus is the powerful and intuitive web based graphical low-fare search and comparison solution. Fully integrated at the point of sale in Amadeus Selling Platform, it improves agency efficiency and provides a real added value to the customer offer.

  • Amadeus e-Power Consolidator

    Amadeus e-Power Consolidator is the easy to deploy online platform enabling you to boost and drive your business performance while servicing your affiliated agencies. It comes also with the most intuitive interface and relevant content for your business.

  • Amadeus Web Services

    Build and update customised travel booking applications with Amadeus Web Services.

  • Amadeus e-Power
    Amadeus e-Power

    It's time to go on the Web and stop losing key contacts, customer loyalty and revenue. With Amadeus e-Power, your e-commerce strategy is at the click of a button.

  • Amadeus Electronic Miscellaneous Document

    The Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) is the new industry standard method that enables agents to issue documents for travel related services, including unbundled airline services. Over the next couple of years, the EMD will gradually replace the automated MCO, Amadeus virtual MCO and IATA virtual MPD, with both IATA and ARC targeting 100% global EMD implementation and usage in markets.

  • Amadeus Mobile Traveller

    Offer your travellers a 360˚ travel experience