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Content - Travel agencies

Differentiate yourself & provide great customer service by enhancing the customer experience. In order to do so, you need to have the widest and most accurate content choice to offer to your customers. To help you in this challenging task, Amadeus gives you access to a vast and diverse world of global, regional and local travel content covering both business and leisure travel needs with the detailed information about the content that is being booked.

Products and Solutions

  • Amadeus Hotels Plus

    Make more money with hotels

  • Air Content

    All GDS air content is not the same. Booking air content with Amadeus provides your agency with powerful tools and functionalities that can help differentiate your service where it really matters: your long-term customer business relationships.

  • I need the ultimate cars solution
    Amadeus Cars Plus for travel agencies

    Improve your performance & impress your customers with Amadeus Cars Plus!

  • I need the right online cars solution
    Cars Plus eRetail XML

    Amadeus Cars Plus eRetail XML is a customisable booking interface with Amadeus Cars business logic and a pre-defined booking flow that can be tailored to meet your specific business needs.

  • Amadeus Hotels Plus Multisource

    Amadeus Hotels Plus Multisource gives travel agents a 'single shopping window', using booking technology to access and book both GDS and non-GDS hotel content Instead of having to search across multiple channels for the leisure or corporate rate plan, agents can access all content from a single tab, and manage the entire trip from one master PNR.

  • Low-cost Carriers (LCCs)

    Amadeus is the number one travel content aggregator and gives you access to the low cost carriers you need for your customers.Booking a low cost carrier in Amadeus is just as easy and profitable as booking a traditional airline.