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Amadeus Mid Back Office (AMBO)


Amadeus Mid Back Office is the scalable, flexible and powerful way to connect, integrate and automate all your mid and back office functions.
Tight cost control, predictable cash flow and operational clarity are the fundamentals of good business administration. So why are they so hard to achieve?
Good businesses thrive on good data – accurate, complete and free-flowing. But that’s not something most stand-alone back office systems can deliver. Unconnected and isolated, they stop you using all of your business-critical information all of the time. They get in the way of a unified, real-time picture of everything your business does. They undermine quality and productivity because laborious, error-prone manual processes have to bridge the connectivity gaps.
This is why we have developed Amadeus Mid Back Office (AMBO).

Workflow from Amadeus Selling platform to Amadeus Mid Back Office operates in real-time via Amadeus AIR. AMBO then extends that integration right through your business, creating secure and seamless end-to-end data flows, turning stand-alone functions into integrated processes, and automating routine activities along the way.
And because AMBO is easy to learn, easy to customise, fast to deploy and fully supported locally, your own system can be implemented and optimised in a short period of time.
Key benefits
  • Lower costs
  • Higher productivity
  • Closer operational control
  • Stronger revenue management
  • Shaper customer service
Main features
  • Transaction fee module removes the burden of fee charging from your agents, saving time, raising productivity and boosting cashflow
  • BSP reconciliation, invoicing, bank statement reconciliation and the real-time posting of sales and standard commissions automate processes.
  • Auto fee over-rides are limited to approved users only, increasing system security and process certainty.
  • Extensive debtor and creditor controls – including Credit Limit Control (CLC) which automatically prevents ticketing when customers exceed their credit limits – help reduce bad debts and simplify collections.
  • A point-and-click interface, tool-tip displays and automatic highlighting of mandatory fields all help make AMBO easy to use.
  • General ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable and cash book are all neatly integrated with mid office functions and then kept up-to-date in real-time.
  • AMBO’s single consolidated database copes easily with multiple currencies, multiple companies and multiple branches, helping to simplify complex tasks like the creation of consolidated accounts.
  • System security configurations are so extensive and customisable that approval authorisations can be defined and redefined to control a wide range of key functionalities, including the issue of refunds and credit notes to help prevent fraud.
  • More than 50 standard report formats including airfare savings, daily statistics, customer turnover and supplier trading reports are available. Reports can be output to various formats, including MS Word and Excel, CSV, PDF and TIF.

Watch the video about Amadeus Mid Back Office