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Amadeus B2B Wallet Pay Later by AirPlus


Travel professionals are faced with a constantly changing payment landscape in the travel industry. Payment products have evolved over the last few years, but existing B2B supplier payment products do not always meet market expectations. This has resulted in the development of multiple payment solutions which often need to be managed separately.

Our challenge is to help our travel agency customers pay their suppliers, improve cash-flow, and automate operational processes, without generating extra administrative work or costs. Therefore, Amadeus has partnered with AirPlus International to offer travel professionals a new virtual payment solution for Amadeus travel agencies, the Amadeus B2B Wallet Pay Later by AirPlus.
AirPlus International is a global provider of specialist business payment solutions, with more than 38,000 corporate customers and over 600,000 cardholders worldwide.
This virtual credit card solution simplifies payment to travel suppliers, such as rail, hotel and non-BSP1 carriers, reduces the fraud risk and improves cash flow.

Product Overview

A virtual credit card (VCC) is a one-time payment card used to improve card-not-present transaction security, such as online, over the phone or by fax. The Amadeus B2B Wallet Pay Later by AirPlus payment solution is a “single usage credit card product” which is
based on a MasterCard scheme. Whenever UATP is not accepted by the merchant, a VCC card number is generated and can be used for purchase.
The Amadeus B2B Wallet Pay Later by AirPlus is a 16-digit MasterCard number generated by the Amadeus Payment Platform for the sole use of AirPlus registered travel agency users. It enables payment for travel related transactions that do not accept UATP card (AirPlus Company Account card, also known as lodge card or ghost card) as a form of payment but do accept MasterCard. A separate number is generated for each individual transaction, acting as a unique identifier to the AirPlus Company Account.
Key benefits
  • Enhanced purchasing power and cash flow through the incremental credit line at no extra cost for the agency
  • Easy to implement
  • Worldwide acceptance through MasterCard and UATP networks
  • Optimises administrative reconciliation work
  • Allows the travel agency to meet strict PCI DSS compliance regulations
Main features


  • Easy reconciliation

The Amadeus B2B Wallet Pay Later by AirPlus simplifies payment administration
  1. A detailed statement is provided to facilitate reconciliation by linking each payment and travel sale to a unique card number
  2. Mid-office feed from Amadeus simplifies integration. Virtual credit card numbers can be added to the Amadeus Accounting Interface Record (AIR) for improved reporting
  3. Additional information, such as internal invoice number and customer name, can be included to enhance the statement
  4. Enhanced data statement feed is provided through XML or CSV for automatic reconciliation
  5. Flexible billing: multiple billing cycles are available or the possibility to settle the credit card balance anytime if a full credit line needed
  • Fully integrated functionality

The Amadeus B2B Wallet Pay Later by AirPlus offers aaccess to comprehensive information instantly 
  • Solution available through Web services

Financial Value

  • Financial management optimisation

The Amadeus B2B Wallet Pay Later by AirPlus optimises financial management with simple and cost-effective

_ Credit card issued in the name your agency with no personal liability
_ Credit line supplied free of charge by AirPlus International
_ No need to change house bank. If no credit line is assigned, the service can be accessed through a financial guarantee
  • High security standards

The Amadeus B2B Wallet Pay Later by AirPlus reduces fraud and secures your revenue:

_ Valid for travel payment transactions only (air, hotel, train, car, bus, etc.)
_ Single-use MasterCard number
_ Possibility to assign specific credit lines to a particular point of sale
_ Fully Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant: prohibits sharing or transferring user card details with any third party

Please find below further information about the Amadeus B2B Wallet Pay Later by AirPlus in our infographic and in our promotional video.