Amadeus Ticket Changer

Amadeus Ticket Changer

Reissue like a rock star with Amadeus Ticket Changer 
Amadeus Ticket Changer reduces the complex and highly manual process to just four simple steps.
Retrieve - Rebook - Reprice - Reissue
By using filed fare information including airlines' change policies, Amadeus Ticket Changer automatically calculates the balance between the original and new fares/taxes and applies the correct penalty fee.
Amadeus Ticket Changer is unique because you can use it to reissue a whole range of tickets on almost any full service airline.
The Amadeus Fare Guarantee Policy ensures that you avoid the risk of Airline Debit Memos coming your way on airlines that file their fare information according to IATA guidelines in ATPCO Category 31.  You can use Ticket Changer to automate reissues on other airlines that still file in Category 16 - you'll just need to check the addcoll yourself.
Get started with Amadeus Ticket Changer today and start enjoying its incredible time saving and accuracy benefits.

Key benefits

  • Fully automated process, making exchanges fast and simple to execute
  • Empowers your consultants with a fast, easy-to-learn, reliable tool
  • Follows similar workflow to issuing the first ticket, making it easy to learn and use
  • Fewer errors, fewer Airline Debit Memos (ADMs)
  • Processes a wide range of itinerary changes and ticket types on almost any full service airline
  • Reduces time to reissue by up to 25 minutes vs. manual calculation
  • Gives you the perfect opportunity to create more value for your customers and apply service fees

Main features

  • Calculates and displays fares, faxes and penalty fees for all airlines, whether they file in ATPCO Category 31 or 16
  • Fare guarantee policy applies for reissues on airlines who file in Category 31
  • Handles a whole host of ticket types including: domestic and international, interline for partner airlines, reissued or revalidated tickets, wholly unused and partially flown
  • Processes all public, private and negotiated fares and IT/BT fares
  • Shortens reissue process to four steps compared to 14 for a manual reissue
  • Available in both command and graphical pages
  • Available on your website via Amadeus Web Services

Check out our "How To" videos for Amadeus Ticket Changer at the AmadeusITPacific YouTube channel.
For further training and support documentation go to Amadeus e-Support Centre
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